Sound and picture from the first performance of process.


process was borne out of a frustration with the often abstract nature of contemporary electronic musical performance, and its failure to connect with an audience in a manner comparable to its acoustic counterpart. It seems increasingly shrouded in mystery; performers hunch over laptops, turntables, and glowing machines, whilst the audience are tasked with connecting what they see with what they hear. The working process behind the audible product is concealed from the audience, de-contextualising the listening experience. By exhibiting this working process as part of a performance I hoped to remove some of the layers of abstraction between the audible and the visual. 

Four performers contributed:

Seth Scott, Jethro Cooke, Ben Hayes, Bryan Crook

Each of us constructed improvised computer programs, using our creations in turn to generate and manipulate sound. The contents of our computer screens were displayed behind us, and our sounds diffused through a surround sound system. 

Listen to an extract from the second performance of process at CASS Gallery, Whitechapel, below: