Messiah Reimagined w/ Collective31

Thou Shalt Break Them
from Messiah Reimagined with Kantos Chamber Choir and Collective31
Jan 2017.

‘The Lord said to me, “You are my Son; today I have begotten you. Ask of me, and I will make the nations your heritage, and the ends of the earth your possession. You shall break them with a rod of iron and dash them in pieces like a potter’s vessel’ (Psalm 2).

Counterpoint of sublime and profane. The fleshy and the spectral, set in dialogue, in friction, tangled and diffuse. A duet of bodiless resonance, and the pieces of a potter’s vessel. 

Kantos Chamber Choir and Orchestra were directed by Elspeth Slorach.
Movements from Handel's Messiah were interspersed with new electroacoustic works.

Kindly supported by Arts Council England

Something to press against, something to press back.

Villém Flusser on hands, matter and the gesture of making:

They violate it, they do not allow it to be as it is. They deny the object. They affirm themselves with respect to the object. That denial and this affirmation of the hands in relation to the object is the “gesture of producing”.

The rawness of the object injures the hands that are violating it, and the gesture of producing changes as a result of this injury.

Something to press against, something to press back is (re)produced live on the Madrona Labs Soundplane.
Premiere @ MANTIS Festival, Oct 2016.

Soundyard 2016 | Heterotopic Study No. 1

Quadraphonic Audio
4 x MP3 Player
4 x Portable Speaker

Heterotopic Study No. 1 is the first in a series of personal reflections on the mediated reality of urban space. Placing disparate, disfigured acoustic artefacts into the urban environment enables a temporary subjectification of the urban listener, interrupting and subverting the dominance of objective culture over the subjective mind. From these contradictory emplacements of space, time, and symbolism, emerges a temporary heterotopia or other space, nested within our everyday reality.

Heterotopic Study No. 1 was first installed at Soundyard 2016 @ Iklectik Art Lab, September 2016


Barbican Centre, EC2Y 8DS

23.05.16 - 17.10.16


Roam the Barbican foyers using headphones to experience this free audio journey, which reframes the sounds and sights of the iconic arts centre.

In the company of elusive characters and their fantastic sound worlds, you’re invited to explore, examine, and reimagine the edgelands of the Barbican, seeking out the extraordinary inside a building famed for its radical design and ambition. Leave day-to-day at the door, and you’ll discover an architecture of other spaces, resounding with the echoes of its Utopian foundations.

Find out more about the making of Edgelands on the Barbican blog.

Barbican Collage, 2014. Image used with kind permission of Margaux Soland

Barbican Collage, 2014. Image used with kind permission of Margaux Soland

Download the app from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android), go to the Barbican Centre's Silk Street entrance, and follow the on-screen instructions. Alternatively, you can borrow an iDevice / headphones from the Barbican Shop on Level G - Just bring a form of photographic ID, and leave a £10 refundable deposit at the till.


Edgelands is an interactive composition, created by Seth Scott in association with Hannah Bruce & Company, and commissioned by the Barbican.

The app was developed through a University of York research grant, and supported by the Department of Music.

Hannah Bruce & Company are:
Hannah Bruce: Artistic Director
Theo Burt: Android Developer
Jonathan Eato: Creative Development
Minyung Im: Video
Helen Longworth: Voice
Dave Malham: Hardware Designer
Matt Morrison: Associate Artist
Peter Worth: iOS Developer



Sound and picture from the first performance of process.


process was borne out of a frustration with the often abstract nature of contemporary electronic musical performance, and its failure to connect with an audience in a manner comparable to its acoustic counterpart. It seems increasingly shrouded in mystery; performers hunch over laptops, turntables, and glowing machines, whilst the audience are tasked with connecting what they see with what they hear. The working process behind the audible product is concealed from the audience, de-contextualising the listening experience. By exhibiting this working process as part of a performance I hoped to remove some of the layers of abstraction between the audible and the visual. 

Four performers contributed:

Seth Scott, Jethro Cooke, Ben Hayes, Bryan Crook

Each of us constructed improvised computer programs, using our creations in turn to generate and manipulate sound. The contents of our computer screens were displayed behind us, and our sounds diffused through a surround sound system. 

Listen to an extract from the second performance of process at CASS Gallery, Whitechapel, below:

Electroacoustic music workshop @ The Beacon School

Accompanied by two good friends and collaborators, I gave three short workshops in the composition of electroacoustic music at The Beacon School, Buckinghamshire. We worked with a small group of young people, recording, arranging, and processing sounds made by the human body to make music. Here's what we came up with:

Arts Emergency Response Centre @ CASS | 30.04

I'll be performing my piece process with Ben Hayes, Jethro Cooke and Bryan Crook at CASS Gallery, E1 7PF on Thursday 30 April at 18:45. The concert forms part of Arts Emergency Response Centre, an ongoing exhibition highlighting the current lack of government funding in music and the arts. Many thanks to all who came along to our first performance, and we look forward to seeing familiar and friendly faces as the piece develops.

More information about Arts Emergency, and the Emergency Response Centre can be found here:

The Quartet + The Boot Lagoon | 11.03 - 13.03

I will be playing drums and percussion as one quarter of jazz-rock outfit The Boot Lagoon next week, for a run of three shows supporting Jack Hughes and Sam Bailey's The Quartet.  

11.03 | The Lighthouse, Deal, Kent CT14 7DX 

12.03 | Mrs Jones' Kitchen, Canterbury, Kent, CT1 2DY

13.03 | West Street Loft, Shoreham by Sea, West-Sussex, BN43 5WG